1.    Promoting Company

The promoting company of this activity (later on the Activity) is LUIGI LAVAZZA S.p.A., Via Bologna, 32, 10152 TORINO (Italy), TAX CODE (IVA) IT00470550013, Company Register of Turin 00470550013 (later on Lavazza or the Promoting Company).


2.    Duration

The Activity will take place from November 21, 2018 to February 28, 2019 (the Activity’s Duration), according to the terms and conditions indicated below.


3.    Participants

The Activity is opened to participants who have an Instagram profile, or who register with Instagram during the Activity’s Duration (the Profile and the Participants), and who have read this Terms and Conditions on the website (hereinafter the Website).

The Promoting Company’s directors, collaborators and/or employees as well as the communication agencies and/or the professional advisors having contracts with the Promoting Company cannot participate to the Activity.

Each Participant can take part to the Activity only with one Profile: if the Promoting Company verifies the fraudulent participation of a Participant through the creation of several Profiles, such Participant will be excluded from the Activity.

By taking part to this Activity in accordance with the procedure referred to in this Article, each Participant accepts the terms and conditions set out in this document.


4.    Participation’s procedure

Participants, during the Activity’s Duration, can take part to the Activity by uploading on their Instagram account, according to the procedure set out below, a photographic project capturing the virtuous and positive actions they come across every day, that have at their core the respect for nature and the good done to the Earth by the people (hereinafter, the Project).

In particular, the Project shall be developed according to the following guidelines:

Purpose of the Project:

·       To capture, in original artistic photographic shots, the virtuous and positive actions done by the people for the Planet that have at their core the respect for nature, in order to amplify the mission and topic of the 2019 Lavazza Calendar.

Technical requirements:

·       The Project should be uploaded as picture feed on Instagram 1080px in width by 1080px in height. The Project shall be uploaded as a “single picture” and not as an “Instagram Carousel” or “Instagram Video” or “Instagram Story”.

Participants shall upload their Projects on their Instagram account tagging the official Lavazza Instagram profile (@lavazzaofficial) and using the hashtag #goodtoearth.

Each Participant can submit, in his/her Project, as many photos as he/she likes, without any limit; in any case, only one photo of the Project, among those uploaded by the same Participant, can be considered as a Top Entries (as defined below).

The Promoting Company has the right to evaluate and approve all the Projects submitted from the Participants. The Projects submitted and approved by the Promoting Company (the Best Projects) shall be subject to the vote of a Panel (as defined below).

In the event that the Project sent will be deemed by the Promoting Company, for any reason, offensive, off-topic, not in line with the Activity itself, contrary to morality and/or in case such Projects do not meet any of the provisions set forth in these terms and conditions (the Non-Compliant Projects). The Promoting Company reserves all powers and actions in relation to any Non-Compliant Project, along with the right to exclude at any time the relevant Participants from the Activity. The Participants who have previously submitted Non-Compliant Projects could still take part to the Activity if they send new Projects to the Promoting Company.

Each Participant is responsible for the content of his/her Project, and he/she guarantees to be the owner of all the relevant rights arising from the Project itself, including the right to use it.

Each Participant undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the Promoting Company from any claim, including claim for compensation for damages, which could be submitted for any reason by any third party in relation to the Projects uploaded.


5.    The selection of the TOP ENTRIES and the criteria for selection

Within March 31st, 2019 a panel composed by 4 (four) experts (the Panel) shall evaluate and identify the 12 (twelve) Best Projects (the Top Entries).

The decision and the evaluations of the Panel are based on the following criteria:

-       Original concept;

-       Creativity;

-       Adherence to the brief;

-       Technical quality of the photographic project;

-        With the final intent of having a variety of situations and scenarios represented within the 12 Top Entries;

The Participants who created the Top Entries (the Winners) authorize the Promoting Company to contact them in relation to any aspect of the Activity.


6.    The Award of the Acknowledgements

The Winners chosen by the Panel shall receive - as consideration for the development of the Top Entries - the following acknowledgements (the Acknowledgements):

·       To the first classified Winner (within the 12 Top Entries), an acknowledgement consisting of a photographic workshop with Ami Vitale;

·       To all the 12 Top Entries, an acknowledgement consisting in the publication of their Project on the Instagram profile of Lavazza Global (handle: @lavazzaofficial) as a reportage for the year 2019 and on the Instagram profile of the Corriere Buone Notizie (handle: @corrierebuonenotizie )


7.    Communication

These terms and conditions will be published on the Website and through other web channels and in any other way that the Promoting Company may consider appropriate to use.


8.    Privacy

Taking part to the Activity implies the collection of the personal data of the Participants and the Users pursuant to the privacy policy available at the URL


9.    Assignment of the intellectual property rights

Each Winner assigns to the Promoting Company all the intellectual property rights and all the economic exploitation rights related to the Top Entries, including the right to publish, reproduce, display, develop, distribute, adapt, edit, modify, translate, create derivative works based on it, as well as to utilize the Project, or part of it, in any way, form, media or technology known or later developed.

Without limitations to the above, the assignment includes the right to (i) make editorial revisions of the Project, use and publish it in any way and form, including electronic form, on-line or by other means of communication known or later developed; (ii) use the Project for internal business purposes; (iii) reproduce and distribute the Project for marketing and advertising purposes.

The Winners also waive any demand towards the Promoting Company in relation to the use of the Top Entries that will be carried out by the Promoting Company.


10.  Miscellaneous

The participation to the Activity is free and is regulated by these terms and conditions, which constitute the entire agreement between each Participant and the Promoting Company.

The Promoting Company reserves the right to amend at any time these terms and conditions, giving to the Participants a prior communication via Website.

The Promoting Company will not be responsible for any interruption or suspension of the Instagram account of the Participant and/or any other limitation to the use of the Instagram account in any part, due to personal technical issues and/or related to third parties not under the Promoting Company’s control. The Promoting Company cannot be liable if the Instagram account of the Participant and the services in relation thereof have been used in an illicit way or in a way non-compliant to the provisions of Instagram terms and conditions.